Hurried Steps


The play uses real stories to raise awareness of different forms of violence against women and girls.  Although the stories are from all over the world, the experiences of the women transcend geographical boundaries as the forms of abuse are found everywhere and are often hidden from view.

The powerful hour-long play is inspired by real testimonies from Amnesty International and retells eight stories from around the world. The play was originally created for Amnesty International to spark a global debate about domestic abuse and the stark, no-frills performance is written to stimulate an hour-long discussion between the audience and a panel of local fieldworkers and experts in the field of domestic abuse.

Originally created as part of the international project Passi Affretatti (Hurried Steps), the play has ignited a global debate about the impact of violence against women and has already been performed worldwide and translated into six languages.

“With hurried steps these women flee from pain and discrimination. Inspired by real facts reported by Amnesty International, the text is a testimony, an accusation, a gesture of solidarity and acknowledgement of all the women who are still prisoners of a forced marriage, of a violent family, of a hustler, of tradition or of age-old discriminations which are so difficult to overcome.”
Dacia Maraini

Written by Dacia Maraini

Director: Nicolette Kay

Produced for New Shoes Theatre

“The stories are hair-raising….. It’s BEAUTIFUL work from the Finborough, the actors, director and designers” – Blanche Marvin, London TheatreReviews

“The actors, three women and two men stood behind music stands, but this was to make the drama even more powerful. And power it was. It left one numb” – Keith Parkins, UKIndyMedia

Various tours in theatres, community centres and universities